How It Works

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Setting up your account is easy! Simply sign up. SignUp will allow you to connect with Hirerankers

In signup basic information are collected from you.

The access given only by our Developers.

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After SignUp you can signin with Hirerankers.

Select interview

Creating an interview takes just a few minutes. Once you have created your account, you can immediately create a job interview that will include:

1) New Interview

2) Existing Interview

Create Interview

Create a candidate profile for an interview. Add button is used to create candidate.

Create candidate

Create candidate with manual and bulkupload. In bulkuplaod download xls format file and then upload it.


We can add bulk members by uploading bulkupload. In bulkupload, we upload xls format files.


In repository, we can select multiple candidate.We can add and edit candidate in repository.

Select Question type

Select the Question type as custom or Question bank. In custom type, You can create question with answer key or question without answer key.

1) If you go with question with answer key. We will match the Answer key with candidate submitted answer and you will get an interview result for the candidate.

2) If you go with question without answer key, We will show you candidate submitted answer in text.

Confirm the interview page.

Confirm the interview page.


Dashboard provide Interview status of candidate.

In Progress

In interview Progress these are all available ,no. of interview, no. of candidate, completed count. not qualified count and shortlisted count.